Difference Between a Bolt a Screw and a Stud

Bolts, screws, and studs are commonly known fasteners. They are used mainly in the manufacturing industry. They all serve different functions and have various shapes and appearances. Here we are trying to understand the difference between a bolt a screw and a stud.

How do you think your car wheels are attached to the body of your car? That’s right! Screws, bolts and studs. These are the most commonly used items, but we hardly pay any attention to them while benefiting a lot from these innocuously small looking devices.

The differences between these three fasteners will be highlighted and discussed below.

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Threaded Fasteners

The 21st century marks the advent of advancement in information technology as well as improvements in physical science, robotics and communication mechanisms all over the world. From the fastest ever automobile to have been created to the smartest phone, we have witnessed it all.

Much can be written about the methods via which these machines have been intricately packaged. Hundreds, if not thousands of small parts are assembled to give us our favourite machines. These include power-producing machines, industrial machines, electrical appliances, household appliances, vehicles. Basically every vital big and small machinery we see around us that help us carry out our day to day activities with ease and comfort.

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What Are Fasteners?

We are all familiar with the term fasteners and how great their part is in the industry and economy across the world. They are essential and vital and we simply can’t imagine our lives without them. Thinking on this subject, made us realize how important they are in our everyday lives. So what are fasteners?

Not being a part of the industry or the construction jobs, you think that the fasteners are not really important to modern living. But, you are wrong.

They literally surround us, just look around you. You will see that they are the ones that hold everything together. From doors, to windows, to frames, outlets, even in the computer you’re now sitting on.

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